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This is my own personal anger management. Lawsuits will do this to you.

Has Lockheed become a terrorist organization?

Foreigners need to be respectful in North America:

Why do Italians/Muslims keep coming to The West starting trouble?

Apparently, my argument about not being a direct competitor at the time was not well-received. Allow me to clarify.

Preview of a preview of the custom OS coming in the next few years. Check n-dtech.com/news for details.

Despite how badly they want me to, I'm not ever going to go haywire.

Quit screwing everything up for everyone in Texas...

Here's a little rant I call Idiots with Responsibility (Download). Keep watching until the end for a tasteful spin on a tasteless joke. Or, stream below:

My impersonation of the California Communist (human sacrifice):

Please stop with the identity thievery and assault on my career.

I dislike all of the attention and having to justify my actions to people all the time, but I have found it is better than keeping people guessing. Anyway, I'm pretty friendly, but if you live far away, it might be a very long time, before I ever meet you:

Opportunists Vs Goal Setters. No one has ever presented an opportunity to me which I did not create for myself -- ever in my life. No one has presented a reasonable opportunity to me that I have not created for myself in a very very long time. I create my own destiny, despite the overwhelming opposition. Free will is important.

A downloadable explanation on why I'm so salty, or stream below:

New trend! Watch below:

You always have a boss -- even if you're an entrepreneur. Your boss is your customer base:

Do you even know what "let's go Brandon" means? Think twice, before you repeat that phrase:

Back off of my reputation, if you would like to hear less from me. At this point, people expect me to take on a public role, which never suited my personality. I prefer to keep my circles more tightly knit.

Watch below to learn about the cure for Alzheimer's and the nuclear warhead that went off in Baja California Sur in the summer of 2021:

If he weren't such a cockblock and after my reputation so bad, I might have let him get away with it, just because he's the president... Watch below:

It is ridiculous that this has become such a problem for planet earth, but watch below:

These communists want to rob and brainwash all of us. It started with Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, and Richard Nixon, and now we have to deal with communist oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Watch below:

Give me a little space, please:

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