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A functional government would allow us all to have nice things again.

A democracy which embraces meritocracy is not only good for business, it's good for you.

You're liable to see me entering politics very soon -- I will see justice, one way or another.

Here's a message from your friendly local delegate of the Texas Libertarian Party:

A centrist's assessment of The State of the Union Address:

Who goes on the presidential ballots this October-November? Everything [State of the Union, anyone?] is running a little later than anyone ought to be comfortable with... Figure it out quickly, please:

Hey Joe, isn't The State of the Union typically given in January?

I am not alone in my individualism and free-market capitalism. The moment we bow to corruption, communism, or facism is when our democracy dies.

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Allow me to elaborate:

This is a little scary:

Similarities between The Progressive Era at the turn of the 20th century:

Are you good or evil? Maybe you're in between? Watch this and find out...

This just in...

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Marky... That's so inappropriate, given your war criminal status...

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What's that you say, Paul? The Moors? Oh no!

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Let's try to calm down, folks...

Give them a broom... Give them a pressure washer...

Why aren't we calling WWIII WWIII?

I guess they are playing "king maker" in congress right now...

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