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How do you know who I am?

Dear ladies, if a man isn't interested, get over it. Please allow him to date whom HE wants. Surely, there is a mutual match or several out there. Attraction is fickle. I get turned down ALL THE TIME. Also, I shoot women down all the time. Welcome to single life.

As you can see from "Cookin N Texas" TikTokers aren't my friends. I don't even know any of them. See how it turns out, when I invite TikTokers:

My lawsuit is becoming less and less dangerous every day:

I've been posting some playthroughs and pvp fights on Hatorade Games

Silicon Valley hasn't been acting very American lately. So... give them the CHEESEBURGER TEST. Or, stream below:

Are you good or evil (part 2), click HERE TO FIND OUT. Or, stream below:

This is what it's all about:

Happy Valentine's Day, tomorrow, Corpus Christi, Texas...

What will it take for me to go out? That's what they asked me...

Facebook bit it, hook line and sinker. Don't be sad -- your businesses will be fine.

Just take it... Don't help them with their destructive campaign...

Since communists are afraid of hamburgers:

Article on an interesting new reality show

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