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*Sniff, sniff* What's that smell? Is that weakness?

Oh no, Meta... Where did all of these class action lawsuits come from?

I'll keep shorting Intuit, Inc., until it all comes crashing down.

Good grief! $800 for a glorified TV tray? I hope we don't have to start wheelbarrowing quarters to get a bunch of bananas pretty soon:

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The market seems a little more uncertain than usual... What do you do with your money?

How long does it take to bring new technology to market? The answer is -- it depends:

Pretrial against Meta, Inc, et al:

1/19/24 -- Scandal at Blackrock!

Here's the 411 on SAN:

Full disclosure -- I hold a couple of different long positions on SAN, as of 1/3/23.

Short positions on Intuit, Inc and SRS/REK (short real estate ETFs)

Why I shorted Tesla:

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