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Here is a tentative final update on my daily summaries, assuming the media continues to cooperate. Then, I won't have to do their job for them anymore. :) I still update each tab and put a story on the homepage occasionally, though -- at least, until I get my settlement. Whose 2022 black Camaro was that last night that drove down my street?

Attention -- public service announcement about those electric heaters. Get an oil one instead. The fire hazard is real, if you have gas in your home.

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Smile :)

Not to put words in your mouth pal, but just do everybody a favor and have a laugh about it...

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I'm going to start doing the news in two minutes or less, every single day, until I get my settlement. I'm going to hit your bottom line in the media, until you start helping me with my lawsuit. I don't care about news broadcasting -- I care about suing Mark Zuckerberg. Unfortunately for you, I'm better at breaking the news than you are, and I WILL hit your bottom line -- I promise you, even if it takes years. :) Check back every day. Bookmark this site.






1/17/24; I skipped yesterday, so I've got a long one for you today (4:11)





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